Enrico Mattei and Matelica

Matelica stands at 354 m asl, in the beautiful Esino river valley along with un upland surrounded by mountains that reach until 1500 of high.

Matelica is an ancient city with a lot of archaeological finds collected in the Museo Civico Archeologico, located inside Palazzo Finaguerra, a building which traces back to XVIII century. The elegance and the variety of the buildings in the town, whose the main point is represented by the ancient square entitled to Enrico Mattei, witnesses the pre-eminent role the city gained during the time.

Among the most important protagonists of the contemporary history, there is Enrico Mattei, ENI’s founder, who stood out for the courage, genius, passion, entrepreneurship and spirit of enterprise

He lived for years in Matelica, where his presence is still alive and familiar.

More info: www.fondazioneenricomatteimatelica.it

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